Organic Farming and Sustainable Development

Kudumbam has been working with communities in Pudukottai district since the beginning and our work in Nagapattinam districts, was initiated after the tsunami in 2004. Our vision is to strengthen vulnerable communities trough the building of a multi-stakeholder partnership for the preservation and regeneration of native flora and fauna, in order to ensure a sustainable livelihood. Which we at Kudumbam are reaching through different projects including Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation, Natural Resource Managment, Campaign and Advocacy, and Empowerment of Women and Children.



Bio Diversity


Natural Resource


Empowerment of
Women and Children


Activities of Kudumbam


Kudumbam was founded in 1982 by Mr. Oswald Quintal, Dr.Nammalvar and Mr.Perianayagasamy when rural Tamil Nadu, India was passing through an agricultural crisis. The trade-off from the "Green revolution" in the 1960s led to a shift in land use from diverse cropping systems, to monocultures with heavy application of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Irrigation slowly led to the depletion of ground water, and small farmers becoming more marginalized.

Organizational Structure

  • General Body – 25 members
  • Executive Committee – 11 members
  • Trichy Coordinating Office: - 12 Staff
  • Kolunji Farm: - 17 Staff
  • Tranqubar Office: - 7 Staff
  • Veilankanni Office: - 5 Staff
  • Mathur centre: - 5 Staff

Recent Activites

Our vision is to strengthen vulnerable communities through the building of a multi-stakeholder partnership for the preservation and regeneration of native flora and fauna, in order to ensure a sustainable rural livelihood and create environmentally benign and socially just bio villages.

Exceptional assistance for second wave COVID 19 crisis for the month June 2021 by EMMAUS INTERNATIONAL
25 June, 2021

Distribution of Food Kit to 180 Vulnerable families in 6 clusters of Pudukkottai and Nagappattinam districts. Our staff and the Joint Liability Group leaders in the 6 clusters have identified the most vulnerable families, differentially able, single women and elders. Food distribution to 180 quarantine families. Supply of food packets for lunch to 30 Covid positive persons who are in quarantine in the 6 cluster area. Medical kit support to 180 families in 6 clusters To arrange Tele call help line in the 8 centers

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24 April, 2021

Kudumbam is working with the small, marginal and landless farmers who earn daily wages for their livelihood support. Due to this pandemic the Government has announced lock down and all their activities were stand still. With no activities their income stopped and when family income dropped the elders, handicapped and children in the families and single women are most affected. Kudumbam is working in micro credit activities in Pudukkottai and Nagapattinam districts. During the severe lockdown period our field staff in Pudukkottai and Nagapattinam districts with JLG members identified 4860 vulnerable families who are old people, differently able, widows and single women and distributed relief material to more than 2000 vulnerable families including 50 children.

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23 January, 2021

In the month of January 2021 we have distributed food materials (rations) to 170 families in Pudukkottai district. It has been distributed in two phases; first phase on 8th of January 2021 to 55 families each in two villages viz Vathanakkottai and Kulathur of Pudukkottai district. Secondly on 23r January 2021 to 60 families of Themmavur village of Pudukkottai district. On 12th January 2021 to 50 families each of two villages Parasalur and Manikapanku villages of Nagapattinam district; In the second phase on 1st of February to 50 families at Chinnathoumpoor of Velankanni, Nagappattinam district and on 2nd February to 50 families at Kelaiyur village of Nagappattinam district. The distribution has been carried out by our staff from Trichy and Pudukkottai in the presence of JLG leaders i...

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