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Exceptional assistance for second wave COVID 19 crisis for the month June 2021 by EMMAUS INTERNATIONAL

With the financial grant of Emmaus International, France Kudumbam could distribute Food to 180 quarantined people, Food Kit consisting of Rice, Lintels, Spices and Oil to 180 vulnerable families and Medical kit consists of Kabasurakudineer to strangthen the immunity, soaps, Masks and herbal disinfectants like neem powder and turmeric powder to 180 families in the 6 cluster areas Kudumbam works in Pudukkottai and Nagappattinam districts. The situation during the second wave lock down was very pathetic that more people got affected as Xovid positive and more deaths in many families. Our Joint Liability Group leaders along with our field staff have identified the vulnerable families and the people who are in quarantine and distributed food and food kit along with medical kit. The members of joint liability groups cooked the food in the 6 cluster areas and distributed through field staff, JLG leaders and coordinators of each district. The people thanked Emmaus International and Kudumbam for this timely support when they were in suffering. Kudumbam also thank Emmaus International for their concern to the families in need.