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KUDUMBAM established a Children’s Home called Vidivelli Residential Children Home In the year 1997 at Kolunji Ecological Farm, Odugampatty village, Keeranur, Pudukkottai District. We provide accommodation, food, books and cloths. We mobilize donations in the form of kinds and cash from well wishers and philanthropists locally and internationally.  The children study at the local Government Higher secondary School, Odugampattiy. At present there are 12 girls and 5 boys in Vidivelli Residential Children Home. We also facilitate community parenting to children of widows and single parents, we have 10 girls and 15 boys, who stay with their parents in their village, and come to Kolunji farm on weekends, were we organise special classes and skill development for these children.

The 17 children of Vidivelli Residential Children Home are parentless and single parented and widows. They have been given accommodation, food and education. The children are from very poor background. Similarly through community parenting programme the children of widows and single parent are given skill development programmes, special tuitions, spoken English classes in the weekends. They are 25 in number and they come and stay at Kolunji for two days and will to their parents the other week days. These children are also from poor background sometimes taken care of by grandmother and single parent. Therefore as the children are from poor economic background and their parents are daily wage labourers the need for providing food aid support would be very much valued and appreciated.

With support from Emmaus International we have constructed a Residential Home for 15 girls and 8 boys. Unable to provide accommodation to 25 more children in 2015, Kudumbam with the consent of the Board members facilitated community parenting, where the children stay in the village and come to Kolunji farm on weekends where we provide food, special classes and skill development to the children. We call the programme as community parenting children programme. At present we have about 25 community parenting children who used to come every week end to the farm for learning. With the local and international donations we support the Vidivelli children parenting children we support them clothes, sweets and books for Deepavalli and Pongal. For the FAP food aid support we included those 25 children and provided food every weekend. When lock down was announced on May 10th the children could not come to the farm and hence we arranged the JLG members to cook food for those children in the nearby villages. Accordingly with the amount we gave to them they bought provisions from the local shops and prepared food in three villages viz Konguthirayanpatti, Valiyampatti and Alwampatti every weekend for the 25 community parenting children. They supplied food for 2 weekends that is for 4 days. They are of 15 boys and 10 girls. The food support has been provided in the month of April and May. We thank Foundation Abbe Pierre and Emmaus International for this timely help.